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Hitoshi Takano

Job Title: Collections Manger, Lepidoptera (Rhopalocera, Bombycoidea)
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Research Interests

Systematics, faunistics and biogeography of Afrotropical Lepidoptera; Afrotropical Scarabaeidae


Lepidoptera fauna of Zambia and Cote d’Ivoire; Revision of Afrotropical Catharsius; Systematics of certain genera of Erebidae and Noctuidae.


Takano, H. (in prep) Systematic revision of the Afrotropical members of the dung beetle genus Catharsius Hope, 1837 (Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae)

Takano, H. 2022. A new species of Temnora Walker, 1856 from the Eastern Arc Mountains, Tanzania (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae, Macroglossinae). Entomologia Africana, 27(1): 33–38.

Takano, H. & László, G.M. 2022a. A new species of Cryptopacha Prozorov & Zolotuhin, 2012 (Lasiocampidae: Lasiocampinae) from West Africa. Bonn zoological Journal, 71(1): 19–22.

Takano, H. & László, G.M. 2022b. A provisional list of the Saturniidae and Eupterotidae of the Maputo Special Reserve, Mozambique (Lepidoptera: Bombycoidea). Saturnafrica, 30: 7–22.

De Palma, M. & Takano, H. 2021. Taxonomic notes on Caelorrhina Hope, 1841, Coelorrhina Burmeister, 1842 and related genera (Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae: Goliathini). Entomologia Africana, 26(2): 7–10.

De Palma, M., Takano, H., Leonard, P. & Bouyer, T. 2021. Taxonomic revision of the Eudicella White complex, with descriptions of three new subgenera (Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae: Goliathini). Entomologia Africana, 26(2): 11–24.

Moretto, P., Cosson, B., Takano, H., Basquin, P., Bordat, P., Boucher, S., Bouyer, T., Danflous, S., Dérozier, V., Eitschberger, U., Juhel, P., Leroy, E., Limbourg, P., Massa, B., Meunier, J.-Y., Miles, W., Orbach, E., Robiche, G., Rojkoff, S. & Silvestre, G. 2021. Un refuge forestier pléistocène menace : La forêt d’altitude à Parinari du Mont Tonkoui en Côte d’Ivoire. Évaluation de la biodiversité entomologique. Valeurs de conservation du site. Catharsius la Revue, Hors-Série No. 1, 1–123.

Takano, H. 2021a. Taxonomic notes concerning the genus Catharsius Hope, 1837 (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae). Zootaxa, 5052(2): 280–286.

Takano, H. 2021b. Two new species of Polyptychus Hübner, [1819] (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae: Smerinthinae) from West Africa. Ecologica Montenegrina, 47: 1–8.

Takano, H., László, G.M. & Collins, S.C. 2021. Notes on some Tanzanian butterfly specimens in the Suffert collection: a case of patria falsa. Zootaxa, 4964 (3): 585–597. 

De Palma, M., Takano, H., Leonard, P. & Bouyer, T. 2020. Barcoding analysis and taxonomic revision of Goliathus Lamarck, 1802 (Scarabaeidae, Cetoniinae). Entomologia Africana, 25(1): 11–32.

Takano, H. 2020a. Two new species of Oxyhammus Kolbe, 1894 from the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania (Cerambycidae, Lamiinae, Monochamini). Entomologia Africana, 25(1): 33–38.

Takano, H. 2020b. Three new species of Wernoryctes Dechambre, 1999 from the Eastern Arc Mountains of Tanzania (Scarabaeidae, Dynastinae, Pentodontini). Entomologia Africana, 25(1): 39–48.

Bąkowski, M., László, G.M. & Takano, H. 2020. A contribution to the knowledge of the Sphingidae fauna of Mozambique. Ecologica Montenegrina, 35: 45–77.

Safian, Sz. & Takano, H. 2019. Hypolimnas aubergeri Hecq, 1987 (Nymphalidae: Nymphalinae) a little-known West African butterfly. Metamorphosis, 30: 14–18.

Maynard-Burrows, C.L., Mclennan, J.V., Nicholson-Roberts, T.C. & Takano, H. 2019. Blister beetle dermatitis caused by cantharidin in South Sudan in Op TRENTON: a case series. Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps, 167: 362–364.

De Palma, M. & Takano, H. 2018. Identification of the Goliath beetles Fornasinius fornasini Bertoloni and Fornasinius hauseri Kraatz (Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae). BioRxiv


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