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Lydia Mulvaney

Job Title: Curator, Neuropteroidea
Email Address:


Research Interests

A wide-ranging interest in Afrotropical insect fauna and habitat conservation.


Curating the Ascalaphidae collection at ANHRT. Currently working on a revision of the Afrocerura and Cerurinae genera and the Hypopyrini (Lepidoptera).


Miles, W. R. C., Morgan, L. E., Mulvaney, L. R. J. & Vetina, A. A. 2022. A contribution to the knowledge of the butterfly fauna of Maputo Special Reserve, Mozambique from African Natural History Research Trust expeditions (Papilionoidea). Metamorphosis, 33: 48–63. 

Mulvaney, L. R, J. 2021. Notes on the life history and taxonomy of Cerurina marshalli (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae: Cerurinae). Metamorphosis, 32(1): 1–12.

Webb, M. D. & Smith, L. R. J., 2016. Review of the Ulopella leafhopper genus group (Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadellidae, Ulopinae) with description of a new genus and species collected from pitfall traps in Zambia. Zootaxa, 4189(3): 571.

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