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Bryony Blades

Job Title: DPhil candidate, University of Oxford


Research Interests

Biogeography; Species Distribution Modelling; African Conservation


Currently working on modelling the distribution of the dung beetle genus Catharsius across Africa


Blades, B. 2020. What’s in a name? An evidence-based approach to understanding the implications of vernacular name on conservation of the painted dog (Lycaon pictus). Language & Ecology, 1–27.

Goodenough, A.E. et al. 2020. The impact of inter-observer variability on the accuracy, precision and utility of a commonly-used grassland condition index. Ecological Indicators, 117, Article No. 106664.

Hart, A.G. et al. 2020. Evaluating veld condition index: How many samples are enough? African Journal of Ecology, 58(3): 596–598.

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